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  • Uniquely Blended Creations!

  • All-natural moisturizing ingredients for healthy hair growth!
  • Family is Everything!

  • Perfect for men, women and children

Uniquely Blended Creations!

All-natural moisturizing ingredients for healthy hair growth! Shop Now

Family is Everything!

Perfect for men, women and children

Why Choose us?

Urban Fields is all about empowering our natural haired customers to embrace their look with pride. Our brand is made specifically for those in need of all-natural products that repair and nourish damaged or dry hair. Using these products will promote healthy hairstyles, beautifully enhance the look of natural hair, and support our community.

  • Promotes healthy hair

    Improves hair quality and helps stimulate hair growth

  • Increases thickness & softness

    Noticeably softer and thicker tresses due to healthy growth

  • Hydrates and prevents breakage

    Provides the hydration and moisture needed to prevent breakage, split ends, dry or brittle hair  

  • 100% All-natural ingredients

    No Sulfates, No Parabens, Silicone Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Formaldehyde-Free

Something for everyone!



What's your Hair Type?

3B & 3C Textures

Kinky Curly

S-shaped curls and more texture, as well as thicker and more layered. From medium to larger curls, but not wavy; structured curls. 

3C & 4A Textures

Afro Kinky Curly

Tight corkscrew like curls. This type has more of a defined curl pattern than 3B or 3C textures.

4B & 4C

Afro Kinky Coily

Ringlets and/or tighter S-shaped coil. Strands form very tight, small curls of zig-zags right from the scalp and are prone to major shrinkage.


I have really curly and thick hair, and I have never been more pleased with a hair product.On top of all that, it also smells lovely.

This little gem is awesome for naturalhair. Very nice feeling and your hair and smells good. Also great that it is made with natural products which is also a tremendous plus. A little goes a long way too with this product.

Its a fantastic product for a large variety of curl types. Its super nourishing, and smells like heaven in a jar. I looooooove the scent of this!

It made my hair soft and the oil doesnt sit on top of my hair. I would highly recommend.

It honestly is a great value for its price which isnt expensive at all.

My hair is very damaged due to using hair color specially at the end and I am trying to go silicone free.This products has been great for my hair.

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