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Chia Seed & Jasmine Rose

Curl Defining CoWash & Conditioner

We know you’re tired of shampoos that leave your hair dry and your curls lifeless…we’re tired too! So, we’ve created a Co-Wash specifically for nutrients, hydration and curl definition plus when your fingers can slide through your conditioned hair, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! Our conditioner can help you do just that!

Whipped Moisture Crème

Let your hair have a wow factor moment every day. Easily style curly or wavy hair, add shine and nutrients, and enjoy the energizing aroma of essential oils—and do it all with ease! Whip your hair into gorgeous, well-defined curls with our all-natural crème.

Hydrate & Restore Growth Oil

Here is our best secret revealed for longer, healthier hair! Stimulate your scalp, consistently, with our growth oil and watch as your hair grows fuller and longer.

Curl Defining Hair Gel

Perfect for those natural-look hairstyles that need just a touch of control and conditioning. Easy to apply and works in quickly without any sticky residue. Offering a smooth texture and casual hold, you'll love the soothing Organic Aloe base and nourishing Provitamin B5 boost!
I’m Rachelle
Founder, Web Designer/Developer
I know what it’s like to go from hair that is relaxed and sleek, to trying to navigate curly tresses without a hope or a prayer. I rock my own natural hair with pride and the journey to get here has been pretty interesting. When I couldn’t find a product that supported my natural hair I decided to create my own! But this isn’t my first time being bitten by the boss lady bug.

My grandmother instilled the entrepreneurial spirit within me from a young age. She operated her own African centered business, hand-crafting anything from African clothing, quilts, and jewelry to Kenorah's for Kwanzaa celebrations all while teaching me to build for the future. From selling candles and potpourri, to my first batch of Moisture Crème, and now Urban Fields: A business built by family for curly to textured hair.

Within the natural hair movement I understand the struggles we’ve faced in discovering products that represent and work for us. Wearing our hair natural is a symbol of our beauty and I’ve made it my life’s work to ensure that we can nourish, protect, and love on our curly coils!

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